Career Transition Counseling - 4 Session Series


Helping bring your work to life, and making life work!


I am pleased to announce I am offering a Career Transition Counseling Series.


Choosing or changing careers is an important decision that will greatly shape your everyday life. Often career related issues we experience reflect issues in our own personal and family lives. Working with a therapist who has experience in career transition can be extremely helpful. Not only can we work together to identify recurring issues and their causes both inside and outside the workplace, but we can create ways for you to successfully resolve these issues so they no longer hold you back from achieving your goals.


This four session counseling series is designed to help you manage a major life transition and achieve a better balance between the different arenas of your life:


Session 1: Identifying and developing tools for dealing with feelings of anger, loss, depression, anxiety, feeling "stuck".


Session 2: Assisting you in removing obstacles that are getting in the way (fear of rejection, self doubt, procrastination, etc.) and improving motivation.


Session 3: Preparing you for interviews by developing techniques to reduce anxiety and to learn more about yourself and your strengths, so that you can better articulate them to an employer.


Session 4: Coaching and role playing to develop communication skills for networking and interviewing. Helping you become comfortable "telling your story", communicating gaps in employment, identifying and highlighting your strengths and life experiences.


$110 per session or $400 pre-paid*
* additional session are available on request, standard fees apply